How can we start working together?

Start here

1. iGen watches one of your in-house techs complete a couple of jobs. || (813) 781-6255

2. Watch one of your techs complete a couple of jobs.

3. iGen creates standard operating procedures and process flow charts for your specific process.

4. iGen completes practice jobs and receives feedback.

5. iGen makes the necessary adjustments to our process from all the feedback received from the practice jobs.

6. Your allocated technician is ready to start!

Day to Day Remote Workflow

iGen downloads template files and reviews job information

iGen drafts the job and/or programs the CNC’s

iGen completes a final checklist.

iGen checks the job with the supervisor and/or requests job notes for quality control.

iGen uploads completed drawings, G-codes and update/create notes.


We offer full-time or part-time technicians/programmers trained & allocated to your company only.

CAD Drawings

CNC Programs

Shop PDFs

Efficient Layouts/Nestings

  • We specialize in drafting, layouts, and programming for the stone countertops
  • Assign tool paths to all saw / jet & CNC programs generated by the layout technician.
  • Incorporate information from project drawings, bulletins, sketches, and shop drawings

  • Provide strong technical and detailed shop drawings/PDFs.

Benefits of working with iGen

Save your money!

  1. Savings on Payroll, Employee Benefits, and Taxes.

  2. Avoid the costly investment of adding hardware, software, workspace, and supervision.

  3. Get quality staff without having to fire, manage, or train.

  4. Increased Quality and Efficiency.

  5. Reduced Project Turnaround Times.

  6. Degree qualified technicians.

  7. Personalized production lets us give you the low prices you need.

  8. Zero employee liability.